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Quality Time - couples
Quality Time - couples
Quality Time - couples
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  • Indlæs billede til gallerivisning Quality Time - couples
  • Indlæs billede til gallerivisning Quality Time - couples

Quality Time - couples

279,00 kr
279,00 kr
Inklusive moms.

Purpose of the game:

Quality time is a Q&A quiz game that is fun to play.

This one is for couples.

You can, as a couple, bring presence and cohesion into the conversation. You can have deep honest conversations, that will give your relationship a closer connection, more intimacy, and understanding for each other. The questions suit most people.


Contents: 200 cards with questions. 1 game guide.

Number of players:  1 couple or more couples

Age 18+

Playing time: 5 min. or more.

Depending on how many cards you choose to play with.

You can also just take a card at a time and see have long you want to play.

Categories: There are a total of 8 categories:

“The Deep ones”, “The Intimate ones”, “The Quirky ones”, “The Cosy ones”, “Ahead of time”, “The Here and now”, “About the Past”, “About the Future”,  and “About the children”.

Game rules:

The rules of the game in ”Quality Time” are quite simple. Before you start the game, you choose the number of cards you want to play. Ex. 3 or 10 cards. Depending on how long you want to play.

Step 1: The one who has a birthday coming up next, starts by reading a question. Now we call the person ”1"

Step 2: Person ”2” answers what ”2”  thinks ”1” will answer the question.

Step 3: If person 1 thinks person 2 was close enough to what 1 would answer, 2 wins the card. Then 1 gives 2 the card. If 2 did not answer near what 1 would have answered, the card is placed in a neutral place.

Step 4: Now it’s person 2´s turn to read out a question …… This is how you continue until all cards have been played. The winner is the one who has the most cards in the end.

As the cards are given based on a personal assessment, you must be fair. Maybe it's not to win you play this game, but more to get some nice Quality Time.

The loser gives the winner a kiss - unless you have agreed to put more at stake.

The game is developed by couples therapist Anna Østergaard, in collaboration with Jake Inlove, who is a game developer.